Revolutionary military commission of the central is on November 25, 1931 in epping ocean creek village, called the revolutionary military commission of the central on Soviet republic of China, zhu DE, chaired, Wang Jiaxiang appointed deputy chairman, peng dehuai, which consists of the general staff, general supply department, the general health and the department of transportation company commanders, general mobilization armed forces etc.
General staff with military commanders in the front command in battle, the general staff headquarters of renamed by the end of 1932, the headquarters of May 1933 part personnel returning from the front ruijin, authority is in wushi sand dam ridge village.
In January 1934, in front of the red army commander authority also withdraw ruijin, the computer two merged, the red army commander authority office still in here, the fifth counter-campaign against "encirclement and suppression", often by the kuomintang enemy bombing, so in July 1934, ZhongGe CMC and body under moving to the marble mountain village of mei pit, until march.
After the founding of new China, to protect and repair, site and opening to the outside world in 1953.

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