Ye Ping revolutionary site is located in Ruijin City, Ye Qun Tsubosato leaf Village . Ye Ping is the birthplace of the Chinese Soviet Republic , 5 km from the city , is the best preserved one of the group 's revolutionary site . Has a revolutionary site and memorial building 22 , where 16 national key cultural relics protection units . Site has " a Soviet " site, the site of the CPC Central Bureau of the Soviet Red Army martyrs hall , the Red Army reviewing stand , the Red Army Martyrs Monument , Gonglve Pavilion, Fort Berson and so many artifacts. Here both China 's first national red political power of the Chinese Soviet Republic , the birthplace of the Provisional Central Government , and Soviet Central Bureau of the CPC and the Provisional Central Government agencies in Ruijin first station.

September 1931 , the Central Bureau of the Chinese Communist Party Soviet authorities moved in here ; same year November 1 to 5 , where the party was held for the first time the Central Soviet Congress ; 7 November 1931 to 20, the brewing nearly two years , and after when he Ruijin county party secretary of China Deng Xiaoping careful preparation of the First National Congress of Soviets , at Ruijin Ye Ping grand opening , the establishment of the Provisional Central Government of the Chinese Soviet Republic , Mao Zedong was elected Provisional Central Government Mr President, after the closing of the Chinese Soviet government was the general office . Provisional Central Government offers " nine innings " , promulgated the " Outline of Chinese Soviet Constitution ," " Land Law ", " marriage" , and other laws .



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