Comparative advantages to enhance the quality of development

November 4 , a number of Guangdong famous experts and scholars invited to give lectures in the city of Ruijin Ye Ping Ji experts , Zhongshan University Research Center, Professor Mao Yanhua Pearl River Delta, Hong Kong and Macao is one of them. He was concerned that home development , industrial restructuring and upgrading of the city has a unique understanding. In the afternoon, Mao Yanhua , reporters interviewed .

Reporter : Tell me about the home in recent years, the development of impression.
Mao Yanhua : In recent years , I have almost every year to visit relatives in their hometowns . Ruijin changes in recent years can be said to be earth-shaking , convenient transportation , urban framework widening, industrial park construction has begun to take shape , has attracted more and more businesses to invest. Generally speaking , the current framework of Ruijin regional economic center has been formed . Of course, the need to accelerate improvement in some aspects , such as the industrial park service supporting system .
Reporter : Ruijin in regional economic development What are the advantages ?
Mao Yanhua : Ruijin resources , policies, geographic areas have a great advantage. We Li red culture is rich in resources , rich cultural history , green, patina and other resources have, through digital technology and tourism and cultural development of the combination , I think the quality of development to enhance the service will be of great help ; 'views' "Western development tax policy "and other preferential policies, the investment when we have a lot of highlights to attract others to accelerate the economic development of Ruijin is a golden opportunity. We want to do a good job overall positioning of industrial development , give full play to their various advantages , for more major national projects settled in Ruijin .
Reporter : Ruijin in speeding up industrial restructuring and upgrading to pay attention to what issues ?
Mao Yanhua : first, to improve the quality of development , focusing on comparative advantage of the play , take the road of economic characteristics , but should form a reasonable modern industrial structure, attention to balanced development ; Second, we must build a good platform to strengthen to school , to the provincial Department of City and other levels of strategic cooperation , build industrial innovation platform for industrial restructuring and upgrading to power. Another is to pay attention to coordinate the promotion of urban and rural development , and vigorously promote agricultural modernization, through the land to family farms , agricultural companies , agricultural cooperatives focus , engage the scale of operations , improving their ability to resist risks , reduce operating costs, while , through the implementation of " major projects + leading enterprises + industry cluster " strategy , take the " production city integration" development road , in promoting new industrialization and urbanization to achieve coordinated development of industrial upgrading .
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