Scenic mounted¡° Eye of Heaven¡± lost property fast

 A record five scenic When installation of the "eye in the sky" for tourists and property provides great protection. November 1, Ye Ping site within the group lost an event occurred, with the recently opened "Eye of Heaven", the same day to find lost items.

According to the Tourism Bureau staff, day tour promo crew shooting in Ye Ping, invite a few tours and FIT match the shooting. Afterwards, in the clean items suddenly found a device equipped with photographic data missing, the director and accompanying shoot Tourism Bureau staff anxiously try to find.
Some people think just install the "eye in the sky", and perhaps pick up from the video were found. After many coordination achieved open password. From ten o'clock been back to see much more than nine, and finally found objects. View entry time, but did not register identity information. Staff through scenic memories, a few acquaintances in this case it is released, so through repeated telephone contact, several twists and turns, finally contacted pick up objects who promptly sent back the goods crew.
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