Tourism hub projects for the support

Reporters learned from relevant departments, municipal engineering Management Limited are red tourism hub project recently been included in 2013 the provincial service development funds program.

It is reported that, in order to speed up the development of service industry, promote economic development pattern, development of service industry in our province last year set up special funds to support the province's focus areas and project development services. Use of special funds that meet the scope of the project, the province take the loan interest subsidies, financial assistance to support two ways. Recently, the Provincial Development and Reform Commission issued the Ganzhou City in 2013 the provincial development funds service plan, Ruijin, Dingnan, Ganzhou Development Zone, three service projects included in the batch program, namely the city's red all Municipal Engineering Administration Limited Travel distribution center project, Dingnan Yongli logistics Ltd. logistics center project, Ganzhou south vegetable market Development Co., native aquatic agricultural information and inspection system upgrade project.
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