Ganzhou Municipal Party Committee propaganda teams preach in the city

 November 8 , Ganzhou City " series of important speeches of Comrade Xi Jinping preach report" in the azalea Grand Theatre. Ganzhou Municipal Party Committee propaganda team members , Ganzhou Municipal Party Jiaokeyanchu Director Professor Hu Zonghong entitled " study and implement the General Secretary Xi Jinping series of important speech, promote Jiangxi South Sioux district revitalization and development ," the propaganda reports. Yang chun Pu , Peng Qiang home city four leaders participate in the study .

At the meeting , Hu Zonghong armed with the theory from the new era , to achieve strategic objectives eighteen , to carry out the Party 's mass line educational practice and promote the revitalization and development of Jiangxi South Sioux district discusses four levels of learning in depth study and implement the spirit of the speech the significance ; from socialism with Chinese characteristics , the Chinese dream , scientific development, reform and opening up , the rule of law , ideological work , party and work style building on eight aspects of the speech learning content and substance of the sort and summarize ; from enhanced responsibility to act, to explore new roads revitalization , revitalization and strengthening Party building Huimin four key areas to promote Jiangxi South Sioux area described method revitalization and development path . Participants have said that the cadres and masses to hear , to use theory to arm the mind , using the theory to guide practice , while learning to do , learn and use , in order to promote the revitalization of Jiangxi South Sioux make greater contribution .
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