¡°The Republic cradle¡± for 5A scenic comprehensive training

September 15 to 17 , the city of the Republic of Cradle national 5A scenic area hit the training was held in the City Museum multi-purpose hall , more than 400 from the city's 5A record related to unit leaders , and some scenic area management staff , all staff scenic cradle Republic staff , tour guides , tour bus line drivers, conductors , taxi drivers , bus stations, window service facilities Bin recruit staff listened together from Beijing, Nanchang, experts and professors teaching field .

 " Republic cradle" Gen. 5A scenic work has entered a crucial stage , how to develop a mastery of both invasive assessment rules , and understands Gen. 5A knowledge ; ready to meet both the " CIQ " Ready , and learn to share and learn from successful experiences ; neither adept at creating 5A level scenic spots , but also good at grasping the scenic service specification management ; neither as good a national 5A scenic area managers are better at integrated management of logistics operations area , service-oriented , business-type team , the " cradle of the Republic " scenic playing a red boutique classic scenic spots . To this end, Beijing pinnacle Intelligence Industry Tourism and Culture in cooperation with consulting services company , four from Beijing , Nanchang professors were on the city related personnel on-site instruction. Experts on " qualified area supervisor ", " scenic service etiquette ", " scenic Operations and Management" and creators 5A assessment rules and standards interpretation, as well as learn how to share the experience of others made ??a comprehensive , detailed , scientific and rational explanation and through scientific theory and a simple and easy to understand teaching methods, not only to trained personnel refreshing, easy to accept , but also with the teaching content and the need for on-site demonstrations training , while teaching learning , learning the combination , the effect is obvious.

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