The cradle of the republic of scenic spot is located in the wind to hide together gas, warm and peaceful, with all pleasant, da min tong yue in one thousand GuYi - ruijin. Cradle of the republic of result from November 7, 1931, the birth of the Soviet republic of China, was established in the People's Republic of China, "a great preview" red political power of the communist party of China was founded, began the party running rule of practice, MAO zedong, zhou enlai, zhu DE, Ren bishi and Wang Jiaxiang older generation proletariat revolutionaries have lived and worked here, "chairman MAO" here is the Ye Ping shout loud; Here writing and political work of our party and army, cultural, economic and legal system construction of so many "first", is the leadership of the communist party of China red heart on fields, the founding fathers of the nine, founding eight generals, and princes of the People's Republic of China the first decorated admiral 35, 114, and 440 general life fought here; This is the central starting point of the red army long march of twenty-five thousand li. "Shanghai building the epoch-making; nanchang army building, fire; ruijin revolution, sea; Beijing jianguo, everything changed", ruijin occupies an important position in the history of the Chinese revolution and the history of the communist party of China. The cradle of the republic of scenic area, including Ye Ping, red well, Sue, the Soviet memorial garden) (south and north four scenic area, the total area 4550 Chinese acres. Is one of the first national patriotism education demonstration base by the propaganda department, also is one of the national red tourism classic scenic spot, the national red tourism city. Here "one village one city", "a scene and one red city"; Here an ancestral hall, telling the incarnations of revolution; A red Wells, infiltrating generations of mind; Here, a book, reflect the flesh and blood of the party and the people deep; A site and etched with the figure of great people with a panoramic view; Here, every inch, seedlings under the blood of countless martyrs; The true meaning of hill, telling the Soviet area spirit.